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Aviation Pre-Vocational Training

This Prevocational Course gives the students the opportunity to sample different aspects of the Aviation Industry; this knowledge could also carry across to Automotive or Engineering careers, with a particular emphasis on Hand skills.

This includes (with an emphasis on Handskills  & Workshop Practices), but is not limited to:

  • Introduction to Aviation (Basic aircraft types, Basic Physics, The atmosphere and OH & S)
  • Aircraft Manuals and Documentation
  • Aircraft Standards and Engineering Drawings
  • Basic Hand skills, (Filing, Cutting, Thread cutting & Riveting)
  • Torquing bolts, Securing by Lockwiring
  • Introduction the Electricity, using test meters

It is designed to address the needs of this industry and open to anyone over the age of 17 and is recommended that they hold Australian Citizenship or Permanent Residency.

Duration –  6 weeks

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2020 Course Dates: Due to Commence 24 Feb 2020

Course Duration – 6 weeks

Please note: a 30% deposit is required to secure your position in the course, with the balance of the course payable over the duration.

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